Fall 2021 // Thursday 1:30–4:10 // AB 1020

Poster Design

Project 1: Type Only


An investigation into typography as a means of communication and as a formal element in design. The poster can only contain type and the image(s) of your physically constructed letter. The content of the poster should relate to your chosen letter.

Part One: Choose and Build Your Letter

Choose a single letter and generate a list of 20 words that start with your letter. Using your word list as a reference point, pick a typeface (some foundries with free trial fonts) and construct your letter at a minimum of 6 inches tall using the typeface as a guide. Once your letter is constructed take at least five different photographs of it. The photographs should just have your letter in them, no other items.

Part Two: Design the Poster

Design a poster using at least one of the photographs of your letter and any other text based content you might choose to include. The poster is generally a formal study so pay attention to the basic design principles of alignment, balance, color, contrast, hierarchy, proximity, repetition, space, and so on.



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