Fall 2021 // Thursday 1:30–4:10 // AB 1020

Poster Design

Project 2: Content Follows Form


Often the form of a design responds directly to the content of the design. For this poster we are going to generate form first and then decide what the content could be based on that form. The form will be generated in two different ways. The first will be through abstract photography and the second will be through collage. Both of those form making activities will be through exercise you can find on the projects page.

Once the collages and photographs are created, you will choose a selection of them and come up with content ideas based on their formal and visual aspects. Photographs can be combined together but each collage should remain its own base form. When content is decided, start to use the collages and photographs as elements of the poster. The collages and photographs are just a beginning point and can be edited and remade to better fit the design if necessary.



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