History of Graphic Design
Spring 2020 | 1:30–2:45


Create a timeline of world and design history starting from around the invention of writing to World War II. The events marked on the timeline will be in one of four categories: World Events (The American Revolution for example), Art and Design Events (The Arts and Crafts Movement), Art and Design People (Theo van Doesburg), and Inventions/Discoveries (Cars/Lithography/Linotype). The timeline can be created digitally or done nicely by hand on a single-sided, tabloid (11"x17") sheet of paper.

You, as a designer, need to come up with some way of visually representing each category while presenting the information in a clear and understandable way.

Research Paper


Select a person, style, movement, period of time, theme, or self-generated topic relating to the history graphic design for review and approval by the instructor. A brief outline, along with resources, is required a few weeks prior to the written research paper. The paper itself must be 1500 to 2000 words in length, using appropriate high-resolution (300 dpi) visual examples throughout. Please include a bibliography of at least four sources other than the Eskilson textbook. The bibliography does not count toward your word count.

The paper will be submitted in two different ways. A paper copy with images will be printed and turned in by the due date. A digital version will also be submitted through Blackboard by the same day.