Motion Design
Spring 2019 | 1:30–4:10 & 4:30–7:10


E0. Gif

A simple way to start thinking about motion is through a gif, a short animated image that is controlled through individual frames. Using something interesting that happened over your winter break as inspiration, make a 15 to 30 frame, looping gif.

E1. Literal Type

Choose a word and create an animation that reinforces the word's meaning. Do this for a total of 4 words. You can come up with your own word or use any of the words below. The file does not have to loop seamlessly but can if it makes sense.

One animation should be made in Photoshop as an around 30 frame (or more) gif. One animation should be made in InDesign as an around 30 page (or more) document, exported as jpgs, then brought in to After Effects and made into around a 1 second movie. One animation should be made entirely in After Effects and should be around a 1 second movie. The final animation should be made physically and around a second long.