Spring 2022 // Thursday 10:30–1:10 // AB 1023

Motion Design

Project 2: Obstructions


Each class you will create a video based on a design concept or principle. The first video will have no obstructions on it, only the time (15 seconds) and size (1080x1080) will be required. During the following classes, we will impose a series of obstructions that you will use to remake the original video. The goal is not to find ways to work around the obstructions but to find ways to use the obstructions. The end will be a series of four videos that should be visually different but thematically and narratively the consistent.

At the beginning of each class we will screen the videos and the top videos will get to choose an obstruction for the next video.

Each individual video will be submitted through Blackboard before class and the final four videos will be combined into one video and uploaded to Vimeo on the last day. This video should have a title slide before each video listing the obstructions.




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