Spring 2022 // Thursday 10:30–1:10 // AB 1023

Motion Design

Projects and Exercises


Project 3: Something in Motion

For this project you will be able to choose from a few options below or create your own project. If generating your own project you need to make sure to create a schedule and similar outcomes to the projects listed below.

Full Project Description

Project 2: Obstructions

Create a series of videos based on a design concept or principle. The first video is open for any approach or technique. That video will then be remade 3 different times, each time with a specific set of obstructions that must be followed.

Full Project Description

Project 1: Moving Poster

Posters are traditionally a static medium but with more and more poster displays going digital and AR becoming a more widely available tool, posters can come alive.

Full Project Description


Stop Motion

Make the best stop motion film starring this banana. You have 2 hours. Submit your final video on Blackboard and upload it to our Vimeo group.

Technical Requirements
  • Stop motion film
  • Stars the banana
  • Title card
  • Audio if possible

You can easily sequence you photographs in Photoshop following this tutorial. I would recommend using the iMacs in the classroom to do this and depending on the amount of photographs you might want to do them in batches and then combine the videos in After Effects or Premiere. 

Due Thursday, April 28 by 1 pm ET

Exercise 7: Logo Reveal

Make a short video that animates an existing, relatively well-known logo. The video should use one of the strategies we covered in class. For example, you could pick the Target logo and your video would somehow emphasize that the logo is a target. The choice of logo is up to you but the colors, logo, and type should all remain the same (look for an eps or svg file for the logo). You are not redesigning anything.

A reference board you can look and or add to if you want is on Miro.

Technical Requirements
  • 1080x1080
  • As long as it needs to be

Due Thursday, April 07 by 10:30 am ET

Exercise 6: Bouncing Ball

Make a realistic ball bounce around the screen in a designed setting (look up staging in the 12 principles of animation). The ball should pretend to exist somewhat as a real object and either use the sides of the frame as walls or the frame should move with the ball. Motions and physics can be exaggerated.

Technical Requirements
  • 1920x1080
  • Somewhere between 5 and 15 seconds
  • Ball interacts with the edge of the frame or the frame moves with the ball
  • Designed setting for the ball to exist in

Due Thursday, March 10 by 10:30 am ET

Exercise 5: Type in Motion

Find a short bit of spoken audio. The audio could be from a movie, tv show, speech, etc. but should not have much background noise (so no music). Make a short animation that has the words come on and off screen timed to the audio track.

Technical Requirements
  • 1920x1080
  • Somewhere between 5 and 15 seconds
  • Uses audio

Due Thursday, March 03 by 10:30 am ET

Exercise 4: Sound and Motion

Make a 15 second animation using the layered Illustrator file on Blackboard and some kind of audio. Upload your final video to Vimeo, add it to the group on Vimeo, and submit the link to the video on Blackboard for this assignment.

Download the Illustrator file.

Technical Requirements
  • 1920x1080
  • 15 seconds long
  • Uses audio
  • Nothing extra added to the composition

Due Thursday, February 24 by 10:30 am ET

Exercise 3: Poster Animation

Recreate a Joseph Müller-Brockmann poster (MoMA, artnet, Grapheine, International Poster Gallery, or you can download some images here) as accurately as you can in Illustrator (1080x1920) and then animate it in After Effects. The posters are generally in German so you might not be able to read all the content but I would try to find out what kind of event the poster is promoting. Knowing the event might influence the motion of the poster. Your animation should enhance and bring the poster to life. More than likely the font is Akzidenz Grotesk.

Technical Requirements
  • 1080x1920 (or dimensions close to that but keep the proportions of the original poster)
  • As long as it needs to be
  • As exact of a replica as you can make
  • Only animate things that already exist on the poster

Due Thursday, February 17 by 10:30 am ET

Exercise 2: Making a Plan

Before jumping straight into the motion part of projects there needs to be a plan. Part of the plan will be a storyboard to show what the motion will be. Another part will be mood boards to show existing material of how the final piece might look and feel. The final part will be concept boards that show designs of the certain parts of the finished piece.

For this exercise you will use the storyboard we create in class as your plan and create a concept board for the title frame and include a mood board showing at least 5 images from other places of what the look and feel of the finished piece might be.

Technical Requirements
  • Storyboard from class in the storyboard template - Download a storyboard template
  • 1 mood board with at least 5 images
  • 1 concept board showing the title frame of the sequence. This should be done at 1920x1080
  • All the above combined into a single, landscape letter sized PDF with the order of parts as storyboard, mood board, concept board

Due Thursday, February 10 by 10:30 am ET

Exercise 1: dot gif

A simple way to start thinking about motion is through a gif, a short animated image that is controlled through individual frames. The gif should tell a (very short) story that is unique to you. Make a 15 to 30 frame, greater than 1 second, looping gif that tells that story.

Technical Requirements
  • 15 to 30 frames (or more)
  • at least 1 second of animation
  • infinite loop
  • gif format

Due Thursday, February 03 by 10:30 am ET