Spring 2022 // Thursday 10:30–1:10 // AB 1023

Motion Design

Project 3: Something in Motion


You will conceptualize, plan, design, and animate a motion project of your choosing.

Each project has a specific set of goals and requirements that should be accomplished. You will find and generate the content that fits the description for your chosen project. If you choose to create your own project, read through these to get a feel for the scope of work required.

The projects you can choose from are a Kinetic Type Video, a Title Sequence, or a Broadcast Design Package.

Reference Miro Board

Kinetic Type Video

Make a one minute or more video combining type and audio. The audio can be a song, a clip from a show or film, a speech, etc. Keep in mind that certain aspects of the audio can influence decisions you make while animating the type so make sure you are familiar with the audio. Outside shapes, colors, and lines can be used but no pictures or videos. The video should have a title scene that includes the title for the audio and who made the audio. For example, a song would have a song title and artist name and a movie scene would have the movie title and characters involved.


Title Sequence

Design a title sequence for a book of your choice. The book can be any length but fiction is probably the easiest category to choose from. You cannot use any visuals associated with the book and if you pick an illustrated book you certainly cannot use the illustrations in your sequence. The book should not already be a movie and you will be responsible for generating your own cast and crew to display. Take a look at this list on Wikipedia to get an idea of who you might want to display, you don’t need to display them all. The title sequence should be one minute long or more.


Broadcast Design Package

Design some motion pieces for a created TV station. You will curate a selection of shows the station will show, come up with a name and logo for the station, and generate a few motion pieces. There will be three pieces you will need to design for the station, an animated logo, lower thirds that introduce the show, tell what’s coming on next, or some other information, and a station lineup that shows what day and time certain shows are happening. Some broadcast design terms and some examples you can find here.

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