Fall 2021 // Thursday 1:30–4:10 // AB 1020

Poster Design

Project 3: For an Exhibition


This project is a challenge in creating a poster for an artist without using any images of the artist or of the artist’s work. Chose an artist from the list provided‡ and create a poster that has a conceptual connection to that artist’s work. The connection should go beyond trying to mimic the visual look of the work and consider mood, emotion, material, execution, etc. The only design restriction is that images of the artist’s work, real or created, or images of the artist cannot be used in the design. There is a prompt on the back of this sheet to generate a list of words to help create a concept for the poster.

The poster should include following information — title of exhibition, name of artist, dates of exhibition (November 19, 2021 to February 5, 2022), exhibition venue (Geoson Contemporary Art Museum), location (Fairfax, VA), a few paragraphs about the artist or show (does not have to be original writing but should be relevant), your name, and fall 2021.

‡It is possible to choose you own artist but it has to be approved.

Artist List



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