How to Choose

Review the options below and come to class with your top three choices. The committee sizes mean that everyone will not be able to be on their first choice of committee. We will try to make sure everyone gets their top choice, but certain committees cannot have 20 people working on them. Take a look at these carefully and consider about your commitments this semester versus the duration of work for each committee and the kind/amount of work.


Number of Students: 5
Duration: Weeks 6–15+
Description: Design graphics for the show including the poster, social posts, and other collateral. Uses identity and guidelines from the identity committee.

Exhibition Planning

Number of Students: 4
Duration: Weeks 7–15+
Description: 1 person from each section on this committee. They are responsible for gathering and understanding the space, technology, and other needs of their specific class. They will lay out and plan where work is going.

Number of Students: 16
Duration: Weeks 13–15+
Description: Prepare the galleries for the show including patching, painting, moving furniture, etc. Can potentially paint pedestals if necessary so that it isn’t happening on the day of the install. Has a workshop with someone about prep in week 13.


Number of Students: 5
Duration: Weeks 2–6
Description: Design the identity for the show including show name, logotype, graphic treatments, colors, typefaces, etc.


Number of Students: 16
Duration: Weeks 13, 15, and 15+
Description: Main group of people responsible for helping hang, display, move, troubleshoot, etc. during the installation process. Each room can have a specific team assigned to it to help out. Has a workshop with someone about installation in week 13 or 15.

Opening Reception

Number of Students: 6
Duration: Weeks 10–15+
Description: Planning and installing various materials for the opening including signage, food, drinks, music, etc. Also responsible for the press release for the show.

Project Management

Number of Students: 8 (number of committees)
Duration: Weeks 2–15+
Description: Each member of the committee is responsible for meeting and managing a specific committee. Each member is the key contact person to go through when making requests of a specific committee.


Number of Students: 6 (at least one from each section) Duration: Weeks 2–15+
Description: Manage and populate the social media channels for the show. Can request graphics from the Promo team once they have started. Prior to week 6, the team is documenting classes and student work in progress. Team also is responsible for general documentation of work throughout the semester.


Number of Students: 5
Duration: Weeks 6–12 (design finished) Weeks 12–15 (content population)
Description: Design and build the website using the guidelines from the identity committee. The site can be hand coded or using a builder site. The site should include each student and their project.